Episode 19

this week there is no theme just and hour of some good Punk Rock goodness with The Infested, Anti Heros, Red Lights Flash, Flogging Molly and Much more

play List

The Infested – cops on Strike

Faintest Idea – See you in the Gutter

No Choice – Change

The Pricks – I wanna be a Wino

Red Lights Flash – PC

Stretch Armstrong – Postive Aspects of Negativity

Gray Matter – Burn No Bridges

Thug Murder – Double fist

Anti Heros – I’m an ANTI HERO

Star Fucking Hipsters – Death or Fight

Bad Brains – Rock for Light

Complete Control – Bodies are Burning

PennyWise – The Secert

The Scars – Thats Life

Circle J – See you all in Hell

Drop Kick Murphys – The Dirty Glass

Flogging Molly – May the Living be Dead

NEW VOICE MAIL LINE 206-202-0885

thanks to everyone for Listening and you can leave comments at http://www.burritoelectrico.com

or email me at burritoelectrico@gmail.com

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