Burrito Electrico #20

This week is over an Hour of PUNK ROCK goodness with a few Bands from the Podsafe Music Network and GarageBand.com also some Heavy Hitters like Rise Against, Time Again, LeftOver Crack, US Bombs and More!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bankrupt – SideWinder

Sound of a Revolution – Nuthin to Prove

No Fun At All – Anything Could Happen Here

The BlackJacks – These Walls

The Agitators – Salute to All

Anti NoWhere Leauge – Lets Break the Law

The Blood Reds – The Bug Distraction

Main Street Exit – 3 AM

System Scare – When you Wake Up

SwitchBlade Justice – Vampire GirlFriend (TIM POP LIVE)

ZSK – Hello 1984

US BOMBS – Art Kills

Time Again – Lost in HollyWood

Rise Against – Give it All

Anti Flag – The School of Assassins

Pressure Point – Rise Up

The Infested – Crawling on my Back

Citizen Fish – Working on the Inside

LeftOver Crack – Born to Die

NEW VOICE MAIL LINE 206-202-0885

thanks to everyone for Listening and you can leave comments at http://www.burritoelectrico.com

or email me at burritoelectrico@gmail.com

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1 Comment

  1. The Blood Reds – The Bug Distraction

    I can’t find this band anywhere. This song is amazing. Can you help?


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