Burrito Electrico #21

this week is over an hour and a half of ROCK and ROLL GREATNESS with some PUNK SPRINKLED ABOUT with The Dragons, Adam West, Super Suckers, REO SPEEDEALER, Die Hunns, Peter Pan SpeedRock and MORE!!!!!

Play List

The Dragons – Sleep when Im Dead

Weaklings – Straight Flush

Adam West – Can’t Stop Rock n Roll

Didjits – Captain Ahab

Super Suckers – Evil Powers of Rock n Roll

Roller – Megaton Explosion

Lee Harvey Oswald Band – The Bowels of Rock n Roll

REO Speedealer – Swingin’

Born to Loose – Let it Go

Scratch Acid – Lay Screaming

Abrasive Wheels – Black Leather Girl

Pee Wees – Road to Rock n Roll

Die Hunns – Rock n Roll Boulevard

Nashville Pussy – Good Night for a Heart Attack

Elvis Hitler – Last Sound

Electric Frankenstein – Just Can’t Kick

US BOMBS – Shot Down

Peter Pan Speedrock – Evil Sweet Thing

Fetal Flying Guillotines – The Siren

The Pleasure Fuckers – Super Real Fuck

Gin Tonics – I Sold My Soul to Rock n Roll

Gluecifer – The Year of Manly Living

9 Pound Hammer – Hate to Think

GraveYard Farmers – Formaldehyde

Smut Peddlers – Ballad of OJ

Die Hunns – Back in Black

VOICE MAIL LINE 206-202-0885

thanks to everyone for Listening and you can leave comments at http://www.burritoelectrico.com

or email me at burritoelectrico@gmail.com

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