Burrito Electrico Podcast #30



podcast of PRC show aired on 1-30-09 great playlist with Ashers, GoGets, Guerilla Poubelle, Public Serpents, Calabrese, The Deep Eynde, Morning Glory, SpitFire, Nikson, Gone Drinking, JFA, and LifeLock

Play List for this weeks show on PRC

Fist of the North Star We Are Legion
Ashers I Need To Know
United We Stand A Youth of Tomorrow
Sick Pleasure I Don’t Play Pretty Music
Gomez The Big Ass Can Of Rock
GoGets Arms of salvation
Les Betteraves Je Suis Fou
GUERILLA POUBELLE demain il pleut
Dean Dirg Cant Tell Me
Public Serpents Serpents Eye
All Against The World New Needs
Calabrese Voices of the Dead
New Bomb Turks Quarter to Four
Defiance Fight The Real Enemy
Stage Bottles New Flag
The Casualties Ugly Bastards
The Deep Eynde song for sinners
Throat Kansas City Shuffle
The Infected Going, Going, Gone
Speedbuggy Nevada
El Diablo Set it on Fire
Morning Glory The Whole World Is Watching
Vice Squad Last Rockers
SpitFire Spitfire – Antagonizm
Toy Dolls I’m A Telly Addict!
welt don’t waste my time
Onebigmess The Death Toll Starts With One
Brigitte Handley & The Dark Shadows Bitter Taste
NIKSON were all angels
Zero Boys New Generation
Gone Drinking gone drinking
GoldBlade Goldblade – Riot Riot
Cranked Up! All Fucked Up
Obtrusive Social Borders
JFA Blatant Localism
Lifelock Grey Eyes


voicemail 206-202-0885

here is a link to Jacks Photo Site where you can see pictures of recent shows from the SUBWAY to PETER



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