Burrito Electrico Podcast 32

Podcast of PRC show aired on 2-13-09 featuring Rat City Riot, BatMobile, Deadly SIns, 2nd District, US Bombs, Scarred, TurboNegra, Rancid, Cockney Rejects, Bouncing Souls, Yeastie Boys, ChixDiggit, and MORE

Voice Mail 206-202-0885

email burritoelectrico@gmail.com

Artist Name
tesco vee’s hate police crime pays (the bills)
NOFX Getting High on the Down Low
The Virus The Very Last Day
U.S. bombs don’t need you
Regal Beagle Walked Away
Rat City Riot Rat City Riot
Go Satan Go
Deadly Sins Unpaid Bills
2nd District
Poverty Makes Angry
Scarred Rattlesnake
Wisecräcker This One Punk Rock Song
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)
The Business Coventry
Turbonegra Denim Demon
The Discocks Have Your Fun Tonight
Rancid Animosity
Gin Tonics Heartbreaker
in my eyes perspective
Cockney Rejects Dead Generation
Sham 69 Money
Golden Goose Social Revolution
No Fun At All Such A Shame
Demented Are Go Surf Ride To Oblivion
Bouncing Souls Sing Along Forever
Yeastie Boys Clowns Drinking in the Streets
Screeching Weasel Thrift Store Girl
Throw Rag Radio Romantica
Da Skywalkers The Wreckingball
Youngang Rebel’s army
Dropkick Murphys Surrender
The Weirdos Solitary Confinement
Chixdiggit Where’s Your Mom?
Regulations Hollywood Smile
Beastie Boys I Want Some
The Descendents Silly Girl
IN-DK Rallying Point
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia

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