Burrito Electrico TV 10

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This week we take a trip to ASIA for ALL ASIAN PUNK RAWK!!! with Thug Murders and Cobra from Japan, then off to Korea for GHETTO BOMBS, and NO BRAIN. then we end up in CHINA with some BRAIN FAILURE and Hang on the Box.

Burrito Electrico Podcast 38

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Burrito Electrico 38 music by The Hew Enemy, Adam West, Stiff Little Fingers, The Judas Bunch, DogsFlesh, The Ashamed, Husker Du, Radio Caroline, The Grit, Riot City Radio, Love Equals Death and MORE!!!

Burrito Electrico TV #9

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This week SnyderMan brings you a PSYCHOBILLY SHOWDOWN with The Meteors, Rev. Horton Heat, and Nekromantix

Burrito Electrico Podcast 37

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podcast of show originaly aired 3-20-09 on PRC featuring Sloppy Seconds, The HellaCopters, Civet, DeadLine, FrontKick, Zeke, Shark Chum, Shellac, The Distillers, Tom Gabel, The Clash, Rancid, The Unseen and More!

Burrito Electrico 3-20-09 Play List

Shut Up and pour me a Drink Sloppy Seconds
I’m Eighteen The Hellacopters
Pagan Holiday The Real McKenzies
Blood’s Good Zero Boys
Dr. Frankenstein My Dear Father HotRod Frankie
Route 666 PsychCharger
R.O.C.C.O. HeartBreak Engines
Alice in PsychoLand Nekromantix
Albis Civet
Stupid Over You Screeching Weasel
John Gotti US Bombs
Falling Face to Face
This Girl DeadLine
Automatic Man Bad Religion
Rising Up Down and Away
Like Father Like Son FrontKick
Cocaine Blues Electric Frankstein
Holley 750 Zeke
Evil Sweet Thing Peter Pan SpeedRock
Beat Her with a Rake Shark Chum
Prayer to God Shellac
Holiday in Cambodia Dead Kennedys
Gypsy Rose Lee The Distillers
Conceptual Path Tom Gabel
What if Punk Never Happened The Kling Blues
Robber Dub The Clash
Animosity Rancid
Masked Charity Riot Brigade
Give Me Liberty Pressure Point
Last Breath Krum Bums
Force-Fed The Unseen
Lock and Load Negative Charge
False Hope Naked Aggression
This is Not An Advert SubHuMans
Fuckers EveryWhere Oxymoron

Burrito Electrico TV 8

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This week on Burrito Electrico TV, SnyderMan Brongs you a HEAVY DOSE of STREET PUNK from Concrete Jungle Records. Videos from Ashers, Obtrusive, Rejected Youth, and Riot Brigade

Burrito Electrico Podcast 36

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show originaly aired 3-13-09 on PRC featuring music from, Resistance 77, F-Three, The Front, DarkBuster, Deadly Sins, Monster Squad, Choking Victim, Nerve Agents, The Rabble, Intro5pect and MORE!!

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