PodCast of 2-27-09 show aired on PRC. Music from Cheap Sex,  Complets Control, The Briefs, Dillinger Four, The BombPops, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Common Rider, The DisCocks, GBH, The Damned, Fear, Propagandhi, Sayaka, PennyWise, The Virus, and MORE!

Artist Name
Cheap Sex Fuck Emo
Complete Control these Hands Are Soaked in Blood
THE KNOCKOUTS Papercuts And Broken Hearts
hard-ons rat face and buffalo ass
The Briefs Poor And Weird
Dillinger Four Two Cents
The Afterdarks never saw it coming
New Mexican Disaster Squad Tightrope
Antidote My Government Is A Farce
Clit 45 Kids Arent Alright
Bad Religion Hooray For Me…
The BombPops Shenanigans
Creep Division Seconds Out
Cock Sparrer Platinium Blonde
Cockney Rejects Oi! Oi! Oi!
Angelic Upstarts Lust For Glory
The Business Guiness Boys
Common Rider True Rulers
Choking Victim Suicide (or Better Way)
The Discocks Play The Role
Fist of the North Star Make it So
The Damned Don’t Cry Wolf
Ramones I’m Against It
GBH Needle In A Haystack
Fear Fetch Me One More Beer
Propagandhi This Is Your Life
Horizons This World
Sayaka SAYAKA – All Alone
Pennywise Fight Till You Die
J Church Vampire Girl Prefers Me Alive
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Too Tough To Die
The Virus No One Can Save You
Oxymoron Dead End Generation
cowboy killers poor me
Negative Charge Bad Feelings
Dillinger Four Shiny Things Is Good

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