Burrito Electrico Set list of r FRIDAY the 13th

Resistance 77 True Punk & Oi!
Against Me! Even At Our Worst We’re Still Better Than Most
F-Three 21st Century Freedom
The Lower Class Brats Beware
A Global Threat Filthy Greedy Guilt
The-Front Fire Away
Darkbuster Let Me Go
Red Lights Flash No Life Assurance
Deadly Sins Yard Sale
Gang Green Just One Bullet
Daycare Swindlers Rambo Cop
The Adicts Songs Of Praise
fired up from the heart
Black President Last Fucking Hope
The Distillers Red Carpet and Rebellion
Monster Squad Strength Through Pain
Da Skywalkers The Final Countdown To Our Extinction
Choking Victim War Story
The Infested The Right To Die
IN-DK East Coast Rising
Public Serpents Serpents Eye
U.S. Bombs Shot Down
The Nerve Agents Fall Of The All American
Propagandhi Middle Finger Response
Dillinger Four The Great American Going Out of Business Sale
Blisterhead I’m A Cop
The Agitators The pub where I belong
Black Star Brigade Future Is Ours
The Rabble This World Is Dead
Morning Glory The Whole World Is Watching
Leftover Crack World War 4
GUERILLA POUBELLE la révolution pour les laches
Intro5pect Goodbye, Goodnight
Obtrusive Revolution Inside

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