Burrito Electrico TV 14

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this week we have videos from Deadly Sins, All The Hats, and Superman is Dead

Burrito Electrico Podcast 42

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this week on Burrito Electrico we have another New track from NOFX, Global Parasite, Star Fucking Hipsters, Anti-Flag, Banner Pilot, Hot Water music, The Sams, The Slashers, Calabrese, SwitchBlade Justice, The Fits, Rock City Angels, Minor threat and MORE

Burrito Electrico Podcast EXCLUSIVE 04/24/09

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This week on the BE EXTRA we have tracks from ISHC, 7 Seconds, DYS, The Unseen, Black Star Brigade, Freiboiter, NOFX, Descendents, Manic Hispanic, and Cock Sparrer

Burrito Electrico TV 13

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This week SnyderMan Brings you 3 POWERFUL VIDEOS from AGAINST ME!, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS, RISE AGAINST and a OLD video form Rise Against GUITARIST ZACH BLAIR’s band from the 90’s HAGFISH

Burrito Electrico Podcast 41

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This week we kick off the how with New tracks from ANTI-FLAG, and Bullet Treatment along with songs from Dillinger Four, Apa State Mental, Stolen PoliceCar, The Limit Club, Unit Lost, Fist of the North Star, The SpookShow, Lifetime, Husker Du, Pour Habbit

Burrito Electrico Podcast EXCLUSIVE 04/17/09

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this week on the PODCAST ONLY!! EXCULSIVE!! The Gits, The Pricks, F-Three, Naked Aggression, Jack Killed Jill, The NerveBreakers, The Clash and More!!!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 40

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PRC show form 4/10/09 with NEW TRACK from RANCID, Fire Still Burns, Out of Order, Astpai, Public Serpents, Redemption 77, Morning Glory, The Easy Brothers, Chotto Ghetto, Giving Chase, The Quakes, Mad Sin, BatMobile, Jena Berlin, Porter, Austin Lucas +++