Burrito Electrico Podcast 47

This week we bring you Tracks from The OutSkirts, Neutron Bombs, The Dead Class, Time Bomb, DeadLine, Bouncing Souls, The Partisans, Despondent, the Last Resort, The Takers, Hevn, Verbal Abuse, North Lincoln, Hot Water Music, 88 Fingers Louie, GG ALLIN

Burrito Electrico TV 18

This week I bring you videos from DropKick Murphys, a Live video from Turbo Negro, and Sloppy Seconds

Burrito Electrico Podcast 46

This week I am jioned by Very Special Guest the HELL KITTEN and we play music from Propagandhi, Marky Ramone, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, Dag Nasty, Big Drill Car, Body Jar, Mad Parade, Big Boys, Dillinger Four, No Cash, Les Betteraves, Lusties, + MORE

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Burrito Electrico Podcast EXCLUSIVE 05/22/09

this week the BE EXTRA PODCAST is a LITTLE DIFFERENT!! ALL VINYL and NO PUNK!! WHAT NO PUNK!! Yes it is Summer Time and I SPIN some OLD VINYL form The Ventures, King Eric, Arthur Lymman, Martin Denny, Link Wray, Tito Puente, Dr. John, Agent Orange, + More

Burrito Electrico TV 17

This week is a ROCK and ROLL VIDEO SHOW!!! with videos from gluecifer, Adam West, Zeke, and HellaCopters

Burrito Electrico Podcast 45

this week SnyderMan brings you tracks from The MeatMen, SMZB, Old Doll, UnSafe, Stance Punks, BB BOMB, NoName, Courstey Murder, StockYard Stoics, NOFX, Zounds, Honey Bane, Sham 69, Tiger Bomb, 4 Skins, S-Contro, World Burns to Death, and More

Burrito Electrico Podcast EXCLUSIVE 05/15/09

FLAT OUT ROCK and ROLL SHOW this WEEK. With Tracks from Gaza Strippers, PuffBall, Gasolheads, Roller, Zeke, Shark Chum, Speedealer, Adam West, JunkYard, RCA, Easy Action, Gang Green, TurboNegro, PeaWees, JetSex, Die Hunns, Donnas, The Dragons, and More