Burrito Electrico Podcast 51

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This WEEK lots of request for Stef!! The Specials, Cock Sparrer, Demented are Go, Frantic Flintstones, HenchMen, Mad Sin, Tight Fitting Pants, BarnYard Ballers, Deadline, Avon Junkies, We Are Union, Kunp Hoven, Against Me!, Dillinger Four, Tim Barry, ++

Burrito Electrico Podcast 50

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this week SnyderMan has gone Crazy! DRUNK that is. Music from ButtHole Surfers, Fuck Emos, BatMobile, Stupid in Stereo, Chem D, Grey Bliss, the Fully Blown, Hot Water music, Blood for Blood, Shellac, Melvins, sonic Youth, New Bomb Turks, avon Junkies + more

Burrito Electrico Podcast Exclusive 6-19-09

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WOW a NEW PODCAST EXCLUSIVE!!! FUCK YEAH!!! SwitchBlade Justice, Tom Gabel, Drag the River, The Takers, LOC, Bullet Treatment, Save Farris, MeatMen, Bikini Kill, Viloetones, Latin Dogs, DeProgrammer, and MORE w/ Guest Blaqart!!!

Burrito Electrico TV 20

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This week is an all GARAGE ROCK SPECTACULAR with videos From New Bomb Turks, The Candy Snatchers, Government Issue, and a WORLD PREMIER BETV EXCLUSIVE of JetMan from SWEDISH garage punk gods APA STATE MENTAL!!!!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 49

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this week SnyderMan brings you every Thing from Anarcho Crust Punk to Blue Grass. With SubHuMans, Conflict, DIRT, Star Fucking Hipsters, Avon Junkies, Fire Whiskey, Yesterdays Ring, The Mishap, No Friends, Living DayLights, Zounds, Fugazi, and More

Burrito Electrico TV 19

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This week your Host The SnyderMan brings you an all SUPERSUCKERS Special. Videos include Coat Tail Rider, Creepy Jackalope Eye, Born With a Tail, Rock n Roll Records, and a video from Eddie Spaghetti’s Solo Album I Don’t Wanna Know

Burrito Electrico Podcast 48

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This week we start off with a 70’s Rock anthem from LARD then tons of new tracks from. The Upskirts, SmallTown Rockets, Grubby Things, The Slashers, B Movie Monsters, On the Job, Action 45, Sore Losers, The Peacocks, the 4 Skins, OutBreak, and More