Burrito Electrico Podcast 56

Part 2 of BEST BEFORE '83

Artist   – Name
The Sex Pistols  –  Silly Thing
The Damned  –  Problem Child
Misfits  –  Hybrid Moments
G.B.H.  –  Give Me Fire
Vice Squad   – Faceless Men
The Ejected  —  East End Kids
Cockney Rejects    Here We Go Again
Riot Squad  –  Why Should We
Stiff Little Fingers  –  '78 Revolutions A Minute
The Partisans  –  Come Clean
The Clash  –  Janie Jones
Slaughter And The Dogs  –  It's Alright
Peter & The Test Tube Babies  –  Banned From The Pubs
Toy Dolls  —  We're Mad
Ncm  –  Quick To Compliment
GG Allin  —  Don't Talk To Me
Cock Sparrer  –  We Love You

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Burrito Electrico Podcast 55


Artist  –  Name
Bauhaus  —  Ziggy Stardust
New york dolls  –  Personality crisis
Lords of the New Church  –  method to my madness
The Dead Boys  –  I Need Lunch
New Model Army  –  No Rest
The Vibrators  —  Baby Baby
999    Nasty Nasty
Iggy & the Stooges   – Scene of the Crime
The Adverts   – No Time To Be 21
hollywood brats  –  Southern Belles
The Adicts  –  Straight Jacket
Sham 69  –  If The Kids Are United
The Boys –   Terminal Love
Chelsea  –  Urban Kids
The Nervebreakers  –  My Girlfriend is a Rock

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Burrito Electrico Podcast 54

This week is all about some PUNK ASS SHIT!!! with Born to Lose, DropKick Murphys, Dillinger four, Banner Pilot, Misfits, Teen Idols, Chixdigit, Ben Weasel, UK SUBS, Switchblade Justice, The Spookshow, Schelprock, Hear the Sirens and More

Burrito Electrico Podcast 53

Taking the Show back to the WAY it all STARTED!!! Its all about the MUSIC and NO BULLSHIT!!!!

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Artist   – Name
DOA  –  “Guns, Booze & Sex”
guns of nevada  –  Miss Me When I’m Gone
The Strychnine Babies  –  Love to Hate
Sorry & The Sinatras  –  Gimme More
Action Pact  –  times must change
The Business   – Saturday’s Heroes
Mad Sin  –  Psycho Babylon
Sick Sick Sinners  –  Nitro Girl
Tiger Army  –  Nocturnal [Demo Version 1997]
Smash The Statues  –  Pencils And Ink
Lifetime  –  Cut The Tension
Propagandhi  –  Bringer of Greater Things
This Is A Standoff  –  Underwater
Defiance  –  No Future No Hope
The Subverts  –  What They Says
Catty Witch  –  Lost Ear
Deadline  –  Liar
Imperial Leather  –  Bruises & Bitemarks
Smut Peddlers  –  Fuck You…..Thats Why
Gang Green  –  We Can Go
Duane Peters and the Hunns  –  Skate Away
Pipes And Pints  –  City By The Sea
D.I.  –  Stick To Your Guns
Fearless Iranians From Hell  –  New Gods
The Pricks  –  drink & fight
Skate Master Tate  –  Skaterock Rap

Burrito Electrico TV 22

this week SnyderMan brings you New Videos from NOFX, Avon Junkies, Left Alone and a Classic video from AGAINST ME!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 52

1 YEAR BABY!!!! 4th of JULY SPECIAL!!! with Circle Jerks, The Scars, Jawbreaker, Scrapy, Against Me!, the Takers, The Slashers, ADX, The Bomb Pops, Judas Bunch, The OutSkirts, Big Drill Car, Fire Whiskey, House of Large Sizes and More!!