Burrito Electrico Podcast 53

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Taking the Show back to the WAY it all STARTED!!! Its all about the MUSIC and NO BULLSHIT!!!!

 emial me burritoelectrico@gmail.com

voice mail 206-202-0885


Artist   – Name
DOA  –  “Guns, Booze & Sex”
guns of nevada  –  Miss Me When I’m Gone
The Strychnine Babies  –  Love to Hate
Sorry & The Sinatras  –  Gimme More
Action Pact  –  times must change
The Business   – Saturday’s Heroes
Mad Sin  –  Psycho Babylon
Sick Sick Sinners  –  Nitro Girl
Tiger Army  –  Nocturnal [Demo Version 1997]
Smash The Statues  –  Pencils And Ink
Lifetime  –  Cut The Tension
Propagandhi  –  Bringer of Greater Things
This Is A Standoff  –  Underwater
Defiance  –  No Future No Hope
The Subverts  –  What They Says
Catty Witch  –  Lost Ear
Deadline  –  Liar
Imperial Leather  –  Bruises & Bitemarks
Smut Peddlers  –  Fuck You…..Thats Why
Gang Green  –  We Can Go
Duane Peters and the Hunns  –  Skate Away
Pipes And Pints  –  City By The Sea
D.I.  –  Stick To Your Guns
Fearless Iranians From Hell  –  New Gods
The Pricks  –  drink & fight
Skate Master Tate  –  Skaterock Rap


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