Burrito Electrico Podcast 56

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Part 2 of BEST BEFORE '83

Artist   – Name
The Sex Pistols  –  Silly Thing
The Damned  –  Problem Child
Misfits  –  Hybrid Moments
G.B.H.  –  Give Me Fire
Vice Squad   – Faceless Men
The Ejected  —  East End Kids
Cockney Rejects    Here We Go Again
Riot Squad  –  Why Should We
Stiff Little Fingers  –  '78 Revolutions A Minute
The Partisans  –  Come Clean
The Clash  –  Janie Jones
Slaughter And The Dogs  –  It's Alright
Peter & The Test Tube Babies  –  Banned From The Pubs
Toy Dolls  —  We're Mad
Ncm  –  Quick To Compliment
GG Allin  —  Don't Talk To Me
Cock Sparrer  –  We Love You

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voice mail 206-p202-0885


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