Burrito Electrico Podcast 57

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This week I cover it all with Some Punk, Rock N Roll, Psychobilly, some SKA and a LITTEL GARAGE GREATNESS!!!

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also you can email the show burritoelectrico@gmail.com or call the Voice mail Line 206-202-0885


Yeastie Boys  –  URBaN CLoWN
Ripmen  –  Freakshow
The Booze Brothers   – Rip Off
Rumble Club  –  The Bad in me
The Nitwitz  –  Totalitarian Rock 'n' Roll
Vietcong Pornsurfers  –  Cunts Don't Play Guitar
Angus Khan  –  Call Me Motherfucker
Stiff little fingers  –  No sleep til Belfast
Banner Pilot  –  Greenwood
Black Train Jack  –  Handouts
The Cretins  –  Mars Attacks
Fabulous Disaster  –  Painkiller
DirtBag Love Affair  –  Fall In Love
Daycare Swindlers  —  Big Show
Jack Oblivian  –  Against The Wall
Bloody Ol Mule  –  Truck Stop Whore
Jehosaphat Blow  –  Shake Your Bacon
Batmobile  –  TNT (Rikki & the Riikatones)
Vermillion Lies  –  Bonnie & Clyde

 As Always THANSK for LISTENING!!!


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