Burrito Electrico Podcast 65

This week is Tons of New Releases!! including Star Fucking Hipsters, Strike AnyWhere, The Swellers, The BackLiners, Yeastie Boys and Much Much MORE!!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 64

Tons of New Stuff this week including alot of Bands from STIKMAN Records!! and NEW CoCoComa track

Burrito Electrico Podcast 63

Pulled a shitty show out for this week!! Next week will be better!!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 62

another week with tons of New STUFF!!

Burrito Electrico Podcast 61

Raise your CRACK PIPE in the AIR!!! This week it is ALL CRACK ROCK STEADY!! with Leftover Crack, Morning Glory, No Cash, Intro5Pect, Publis Serpents, The Infested, Atrocity Solution, Les Betteraves, Nino Zombi, Chocking Victim and Star Fucking Hipsters
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