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  1. I am a news listerner to burrito electico. I am catching up with previous podcasts. I really enjoyed the video cast. That was awesome to see a bunch of psychobilly bands on there. I say keep it up! I’d like to hear some Koffin Kats!

  2. Hey! Just wanting to say thanks for playing the Koffin Kats…I was so thrilled!! Also just wanted to say that I totally dug the guitar surf podcast. I love guitar surf and never hear it on a station. If i may suggest a few bands to put on if you ever do another surf guitar edition, I would say Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Dick Dale (of course) and Laramie Dean. Laramie (Agent Orange’s merch guy) has toured with Dick Dale. Anyways..thanks again. I loved this months video cast.

    El Paso, TX rules!!!

  3. New listner listening to a bad Ass little mix. Good to hear someone play a solid block of good music. Keep it up buddy!

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